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Oracle WMS and MSCA

While implementing Oracle’s WMS and MSCA software, we will adapt these solutions to your specific business processes. In addition, we will assist you in the selection and implementation of mobile computer hardware and wireless infrastructure. We are uniquely qualified to offer single-source solutions that include business consulting, hardware, and application implementations for automated data collection in the Oracle E-Business environment. You can trust that Brumartech will put its years of business automation project success to work for you to achieve an effective, efficient solution.

Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS).
Brumartech provides comprehensive implementation services for Oracle WMS, from delivering the right mobile scanner for your workers, through integrating barcode label printing, to implementing the Oracle applications to meet your requirements. Brumartech can also deliver complete integration of your advanced material handling systems with Oracle WMS utilizing Oracle’s Sensor Edge Server (SES) or Warehouse Control System (WCS).

Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA).
Brumartech provides turn-key implementation services for Oracle MSCA. As a part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle MSCA enables users to perform many common warehouse and shop floor transactions through hand-held radio frequency devices, personal digital assistants, and truck-mounted radio frequency scanners.

RFID Integration.
Brumartech provides design and implementation services for RFID-enablement in your environment. Brumartech’s consultants have the real-world RFID implementation experience and industry certification necessary to successfully utilize Oracle’s Sensor Edge Server to integrate RFID technology into your business processes. From site surveys to RFID-enablement of your facilities and processes, Brumartech tailors your RFID solution to your business requirements.

Wireless Delivery Services.
Brumartech provides a full range of design and implementation services to enable your facility for wireless data collection. Brumartech can design your wireless infrastructure, as well as supply, implement, and support the hardware and software.

Business Process Review (BPR)

The Business Process Review (BPR) is fundamental to every implementation. Brumartech consultants meet on-site with your business and technology teams to review your current business processes, analyze your existing infrastructure, and design an effective project plan.

The Business Process Review includes:
Documenting your current “as is” business processes and defining your desired “to be” automated processes.
Specifying the exact modules and versions to implement and estimating the time required to deliver each solution option from design to go live. This includes estimates of resource commitments for both
Brumartech and your internal functional and technical resources.
Creating an assessment, survey, and procurement plan for required wireless, scanning, and printing (bar code and RFID) infrastructure and equipment.
Delivering a formal Business Process Review document, typically used for project planning and justification.

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